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Thank you for purchasing Caspah Lightening Creams. We appreciate your business. Your order will be shipped within 24-48 hours via USPS mail. It will be in discreet packaging with only the mention of "Caspah" on the return address and for privacy reasons and will not mention anything to do with the type of product inside. Please allow time for skin cells to die off and be replenished with new skin cells for visual results to begin. The skin sheds its cells about every 30 days give or take a week and will replace the old cells with new ones containing less melanin (color) which results in the gradual fade in skin tone. Continue this cycle until desired skin tone is reached. We are confident you will be happy with your purchase.

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Please whitelist customerservice at or check your junk mail folder for company emails or replies if you do not see them especially if you are using a Yahoo! email address.

Bottle Note: Remember these are airless bottles which are designed to keep the potency higher by keeping absolutely no air in the bottle as the product is used as air exposure over extended time frames can result in a loss of potency. The bottle may require some initial priming to pump out the small amount of air in the neck of the bottle. After the initial priming, there is a suction created that pushes the cream up from the bottom and it should not need to be primed again unless you hit a small air bubble.

Free Bottle Testimonial: If you are happy with Caspah lightening creams and you agree to give us a testimonial to be used on our website, we will supply you with a coupon for a free bottle of Caspah with your next purchase. We will not use your last name or any personally identifiable information if we use the testimonial on the website, but we do need your order number, full name, and phone number for our internal records. Please contact us from the testmonial submission page if you wish to do so and we will explain the full details. This is for a limited time only.

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